COVID-19 Procedures

We’re sure you understand that because of coronavirus, we have extra procedures in place to protect everyone using our facilities during this time.

We are still able to open, thankfully, but these procedures are very important to keep everyone safe and MUST be followed by everyone using the centre.


  • Only one family will be allowed in reception at a time to sign in.
  • Families / members / carers waiting to come in, will queue outside the building with 2 metre social distancing in place.
  • Once entering the centre, the family / member / carer will immediately need to have their temperatures taken using the heat sensor machine, then use the hand sanitiser provided to sanitise their hands.
  • If a member of the family / member / carer has a temperature 37.6 or above, a senior manager needs to be informed immediately to discuss the reading and what action is to be taken.
  • Please note wheelchair users will take priority and will access the building via the disabled entrance. You must then go immediately to reception where you will be required to sign in, have your temperature taken and sanitise your hands.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times around the centre apart from in the coffee shop when you are sitting at your table.
  • When going into or out of the coffee shop a one way system is in place, please wait in the fire exit area opposite the toilets if the walk way is not clear.


  • All parents / carers where appropriate must go into the toilet with their child to ensure the rules are being followed.
  • Parent / carer must wipe the toilet seat, toilet handle, door handle and any surface that may have been touched using the wipes provided. Please do not put the wipes down the toilet as they may cause an expensive blockage – instead, please place them in the bins provided. Please make sure that you and your child or young adult have washed and sanitised your hands thoroughly before re-entering the centre.
  • Under no circumstances are the hand dryers to be used.
  • The toilets will be checked regularly to make sure they are always stocked with wipes and hand sanitiser, as well as the usual hygiene items. If for any reason there is something missing please let a member of staff know as soon as you leave the toilet.


PLEASE NOTE: only members of staff are allowed to go to the counter to place orders.

  • On entering the coffee shop please find a table and sit down. We ask that you stay at this table and use only this table during your time at the club.
  • A menu and an order form will be brought to your table by a member of the Kids in Action team. Once you have decided on your order, please hand your order form to the coffee shop assistant. He / she will take the order form(s) to the counter and the staff will prepare the order.
  • When your food is ready, the coffee shop assistant will bring it to your table along with cutlery and condiments. When you have finished eating, the coffee shop assistant will clear the table, sanitise the condiments and clean and sanitise the table.
  • Any additional drinks/snacks orders can be bought at the counter by 1 person at a time from each table.
  • Face masks may be removed at the table, but when queuing for an additional snack, using the toilets or moving around the building they must be worn.
  • Any hot food orders should be placed by 2pm.
  • All orders will be recorded on a tab on the order form, and payment must be made (preferably by card at the counter) before you leave. 
  • This is the only time you should go to the counter, and make sure you follow the social distancing guidelines.

If you would like any more information on how we’re keeping you safe at our centre, please contact us on 01582 477762.

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