Our COVID-19 procedure

Signing in Procedure                   

Reception – 2 members of staff one to sign in and one to take temperature.

Please note wheelchair users will take priority and will access the building via the disabled entrance and must go immediately to reception where you will be required to sign in, have their temperature taken and sanitise their hands.

  1. Only one family allowed in reception at a time to sign in.
  2. Families/member/carer waiting to come in will queue outside the building with 2 metre social distancing in place.
  3. Once entering the Centre, the family/member/carer will immediately need to have their temperatures taken using the heat sensor machine, then use the hand sanitiser provided to sanitise their hands.
  4. If a member of the family/member/carer has a temperature 37.6 or above a senior manager needs to be informed immediately to discuss the reading and what action is to be taken.


Allow the person to sit down in reception for 5 minutes to acclimatise and then re-test. If the temperature is still above 37.6 that person and their party will have to leave. A report to be written and kept on file.

  1. If the temperatures are all within the normal range then proceed to register at the desk, where they need to sign in all parties in their group and give telephone number, postcode for track and trace purposes.
  2. On completion of the above family/member/carer will be given access to the club.
  3. Face masks must be worn at all times around the centre apart from in the coffee shop when you are sat at your table.
  4. When going into or out of the coffee shop a one way system is in place, please wait in the fire exit area opposite the toilets if the walk way is not clear.