We rely on volunteers to help us run the centre and activities. We’re lucky that people from the local community volunteer by working in our coffee shop, helping and supporting children and adults in various activities, assisting with fundraising and charity events and outings, and giving general maintenance work or admin support.

But there’s always room for more!

Your time, your personality and your skills can make an incredible difference. And we know that not everyone can commit the same time. We’re as keen to hear from people who can help us for an hour a month as those want to spend hours helping the kids every week.

It feels good to do good. And that’s not all. Through their volunteering a number of local people have felt their confidence bloom and gained new skills, helping them to move into paid employment.

What our volunteers say

”I participated in Kids In Action as a volunteer and it is a very warm and nurturing environment and a special place where kids are able to have fun and explore new activities. I personally loved volunteering there as if was fascinating to see how intelligent children are and the different abilities they have, there was always something new each day which was excited and i built close relationships with both the children and the staff. Everyone was very welcoming and this honestly helped me to build my confidence and gain a lot of experience for my future. More places like this should be opened as you can see the impact it has on the children and how much then enjoy being there.” Alexis Hyde 

“It gave me a purpose and I feel like I’m making a difference. I love the people who I work with and the families that come here.” Christian Cunningham

“As a volunteer at Kids In Action, I enjoy interacting with the children and being a part of their development. The staff are very friendly and helpful, especially Laura who is very supportive. It’s very fun and brings out my inner child.” Siham Allabi

”The biggest positive of working with Kids In Action by far is the fact that I have the ability to make such a difference to peoples lives. With the children I work with, I receive hugs and high-hives every week when they excitably zoom through the front door, and if I dare miss a week of club I’d be bombarded with questions of why by the ones who missed me. Even smaller perks (such as having a child who when you first met them were too nervous to even talk to you but now shouts your name to look for you because they want to play with you, and having the ability to calm a child down who has been wound up or gotten upset) means the world to me as I know that I have been able to make a difference, that these kids and their parents/carers will remember for the rest of their lives. With the over 18’s, it is so fun to turn up on a Monday night and just chat to these people who would normally struggle in social situations, but because they are in a place where they feel comfortable and safe they will talk and talk to you about the most random but interesting stuff! (I now know that there is over 10,000 miles worth of train networks in the UK.) There is such a broad set of characters with so many different opinions and interests, but the one thing we all have in common is being apart of the Kids In Action family, and everybody is so kind and respectful and could never hurt a fly. Kids In Action is a really special place to me and countless numbers of others too and I feel that through my statement and any other person you talk to about the charity that is incredibly apparent. This isn’t just a charity or workplace, it is a family full of unconditional love and support with people who genuinely do care and want to help others, and unfortunately that isn’t such a common thing nowadays in a lot of settings. This charity has helped me grow as a person in such an important stage of my life and have set me up for a lot of extraordinary opportunities in plenty of aspects of my life. Eilish O’Connell

If you would like to become part of our valued volunteer team, please contact us on
 01582 477762.

Find out how you can make a real difference to kids’ lives!
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