As well as our regular fundraising to keep our kids clubs, youth club and parent respite facilities open and full of fun and laughter, we raise funds for several specific goals. 


For 27 years we’ve supported children and young adult with disabilities and special needs, transforming their outlook and giving them a really safe space to socialise and be themselves. We’re a lifeline to local parents, some essential respite from full-time, full-on care.

With the pandemic now over and when we just thought things were getting back to some kind of normal, we have been hit with our next hurdle, the cost of living crisis!!!! 

Our overheads are rising monthly especially with energy cost spiralling, we need your help to cover our running costs to enable us to keep our facility open. 

We are reaching out not only to individuals but to socially responsible businesses to help us to continue to provide our much needed clubs in a safe non-judgemental environment for children and adults with special needs. 



We’ve set people the challenge of raising £1000 in a year to help us help them.

Over the last few years from the people who took part in the challenge they have helped us raise over £50,000, which is amazing! A huge thank-you to all those who have already taken part! Could you help us meet our targets?

Check out our fundraising ideas and if you’d like to join the challenge, please call 01582 477762 today.

Find out how you can make a real difference to kids’ lives!
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